The way that the LGBTQetcetc community divides itself into disparate groups, and then fight amongst ourselves, is kind of distressing.

While it IS true that we shouldn't let our similarities overshadow our differences (just because we fall under the simgular "LGBT" label doesn't mean that each group doesn't have serious and unique challenges that can only be overcome when outsiders earnestly listen and learn), it's ALSO true that we shouldn't let our differences overshadow our similarities (united we stand, divided we fall).

Note: This folder contains many examples of different groups pointing out the differences between them and other LGBT groups. Including these voices here is NOT an attempt to silence them in any way, or to suggest that the issues brought up are anything less than completely legitimate, or that the group is doing anything to overstate the importance of these differences.

Rather, my purpose here is to:

  1. point out that these divisions exist
  2. point out that a large number of divisions exist