Some transsexual people believe that transsexual folks and transgender folks are NOT related — either that there is a VERY clear difference between the two groups, or even that there is a different medical basis for the two.

Entries highlighted in green are written from an inclusionist standpoint rather than an exclusionist one.

personl view

I believe that there are people who are binary-identified, and people who are non-binary-identified, and that there is some natural tension between the two camps. This tension should be acknowledged, but it shouldn't be allowed to completely separate us.

Gay people and bisexual people sometimes have similar rifts — gay people insist that being gay was absolutely NOT a choice, and that bisexual people are muddying the waters by saying that their sexuality is more fluid.

I think that both sides are right — but only in their descriptions of themselves. Stick to what you know. Don't assume things about other people.