Hiren's v13.2 (14 Apr 2011) takes a number of steps to boot up.

GRUB loader

  1. /HBCD/menu.lst

Hiren's v9.5 (31 March 2008) takes a number of steps to boot up.

Emulated floppy (A:, 1.44mb)

  1. jo.sys — "do you really want to boot here? [y/N]"
  2. config.sys-based menu — the user selects which package they want to run. Selection gets put in %config%.
  3. autoexec.bat
  4. startup.bat — creates RAM disk, and extracts drivers.cab and usb_aspi.cab into it
  5. autoexec.dat

RAM disk (R:, 32mb)

  1. loads drivers so that the stage2 files are visible

CD-ROM (C:, 90+mb)

  1. A:\autoexec.bat runs call %config%.bat
  2. R:\temp\%config%.bat usually calls cab.bat (just a wrapper around uharcd.exe) to extract the files from C:\%config%.uha and run them