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card [bus]
OS [driver] monitor
injection promsc
DLink DWL-650 [pcmcia]
{Intersil Prism II}
internal; ?mW
Linux [orinoco_cs] Y ? ? ?
Alfa AWPCI085H [minipci]
{Atheros AR5414}
MMCX; 500mW
Linux [ath_pci] Y Y Y Y
Linux [ath5k] Y Y Y Y In Ubuntu, use the command 'jockey-gtk' to switch drivers.
Alfa AWUS036H [usb]
RP-SMA; 500mW
Linux [rtl8187] Y Y N Y recommended, HIGHLY recommended
Windows [realtek] N N Y Y You REALLY WANT a USB wifi card that has RP-SMA, and this is a great one.
TRENDnet TEW-443PI [pci]
{Atheros AR5005GS}
RP-SMA; 65mW
Linux [madwifi] Y Y Y Y
Linux [ath5k] ? ? ? ? bleeding edge
Windows [atheros] N N N Y
Windows [WildPackets] TODO N N Y Fuck if I know how to get airserv-ng.exe working. :|
Intel 2200 [MiniPCI]
U.FL; 40mW
Linux [ipw2200] Y Y1 ? ?
Windows [?] N N Y Y
Intel 2100 [MiniPCI]
U.FL; 42mW
Linux [ipw2100] Y N ? ?
Windows [?] N N Y? Y?
WRT54GS v1.0 [ethernet]
2 × RP-TNC; 28-251mW
Linux [?] Y N ? ? binary Broadcom drivers only
Linksys WMP11 v2.7 [pci]
{Broadcom }
Linux [bcm43xx] ? ? ? ?
I'm considering buying
EDIMAX EW-7318USG [usb]
{Ralink RT2571W}
RP-SMA; 50mW
Linux [rt73-k2wrlz] Y Y N N
Linux [rt73] N? N ? ?
Windows [edimax] N N ?Y? ? only one person reporting that it works well in Winpcap though
Windows [ralink] N N ? ?
Intel 3945ABG [MiniPCI-E]
U.FL; 31mW
Linux [ipwraw-ng] Y Y ? ? it's sort of in BT3 already
Linux [ipw3945] Y N ? ?
Linux [iwlwifi] ? ? ? ?
Windows [?] ? ? ? ?
Ubiquiti Bullet2
{Atheros ?}
RP-SMA; 400mW
Ubiquiti Bullet2HP
{Atheros ?}
RP-SMA; 1000mW

  1. driver must include a third-party patch to get this functionality
  2. able to see 802.11 headers when sniffing in this non-monitor mode (see here for more)
  3. some attacks (fragmentation, chop-chop) won't work because they require simultaneous injection+monitor, which this driver is unable to do
  4. the latest version of BackTrack is missing major functionality in this driver (functionality that's available elsewhere, either officially, or a third-party patch) (BackTrack is usually very good about including third-party patches that are required for cracking)
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My "bazooka" waveguide antenna, built from 3" round aluminum duct. It's 2.5' long, though that's almost 300% of the desired 3/4 λ length.