There are four types of cooking while camping: * **Propane/isobutane** — Either a [backpacker stove](, or a [larger car-camping stove]( * **Wood** — Challenging because wood burns hotter and more spotty than other methods. Often involves a [cast iron skillet]( or a [dutch oven]( ([as long as]( you're car-camping anyway). * **Charcoal** — People have more experience with this. Lower, more even heat than wood. [Dutch ovens]( are popular with this. * **Electric** — Either an electric skillet or an Instant Pot. Obviously requires a campsite with an electrical hookup. While staying at a hotel, you can use the electric option. (Though it's possible the hotel will look down on this for [fire/insurance reasons]( They will *definitely* have a problem if your cooking smells [infiltrate neighboring rooms]( Another consideration is how long it takes to start cooking. A wood fire is the slowest — requiring 30-45 minutes to build up a decent bed of coals if you're using the two-zone method, but still a fair bit of time otherwise. Propane and electric are the fastest, being basically "instant on". Charcoal is almost as slow to start as wood. . . . Packing lists for car-camping cooking: [[1]]( # Cooking over a wood fire Generally: * * * * * * * * Cast iron skillet: * * * Dutch oven: * * * * * Billy can: * *