What is this website?

This website has one author: Dee Newcum. It's my personal notes on lots of topics.

It's part blog, part personal wiki. It's a "bliki".

Who is the target audience?

What does the content focus on?

I have broad and erratic interests, I'm a polymath, a dilettante, a competent woman. My career is in computer science. I think a lot about engineering and fabrication of wood/metal/plastic parts. I'm a queer trans woman and am interested in queer theory, semiotics, sociolinguistics, social justice, etc.

How are readers supposed to navigate?

Right now, the website is kind of unfriendly to use. My apologies, I'm hoping to improve this.

Readers are encouraged to modify the URL. For instance, if you landed on this page:

you can see related content by chopping off the filename, and looking at other files in the same directory:

Directory pages might look a little unfriendly. The default sort order is most-recently-modified at the top. You can sort by name instead, by clicking on the "name" heading.

How is the site made?

The HTML is hand-edited in Vim. Yes, I know the HTML is terribly non-compliant, and has other code smell.

Again, I intend to improve this at some point. (note to self — use Bootstrap's scrollspy! [2])