Wood carving organizations that are close-ish to Chicago. ## Clubs * [North Suburban Carvers](https://sites.google.com/view/northsuburbancarvers/home) — Bensenville, IL, which is just west of O'Hare * Carving Characters Club — Mundelein,IL, every Tuesday from 9am-12pm at United Church, 418 N Prairie Ave, Mundelein, IL 60060 * [South Suburban Chiselers](https://www.facebook.com/South-Suburban-Chiselers-Illiana-Woodturners-165889890100856/) * [Fox Valley Woodworkers Club](http://fvwwc.org/GeneralWebSite/HomePage.aspx) — Batavia, IL * . * [Blackhawk Carving Club](http://www.blackhawkcarving.com/) — Rockford, IL * [Corn Belt Carving Club](http://cornbeltcarving.org/wordpress/) — Bloomington, IL. Kind of far away. * [Rock River Valley Carving Club](https://rockrivervalleycarvers.com/) — Janesville, WI (just north of Rockford) * Lake County Carvers — only a small reference to this [here](http://www.blackhawkcarving.com/Events/events.html) * <[more](https://woodburning.com/pages/carving-clubs#IL)> ## Workshops/Conventions/Festivals (I have only included ones with classes) * [Affiliated Woodcarvers Congress](http://www.awcltd.org/) — eastern Iowa — June — 3hr from Chicago * I really enjoyed this one. They have A/C and two large vendors! * [Evart Roundup](http://www.evartroundup.com/) — Evart, MI (central Michigan — June — 4.2hr from Chicago * [Buckeye Woodcarvers Roundup](https://buckeyewoodcarversroundup.webs.com/) — Fletcher, OH (eastern Ohio) — July — 5hr from Chicago * [Caricature Carvers of America](http://www.cca-carvers.org/2019cca-seminar.html) — Converse, IN — August — 3hr from Chicago * Good. They have three instructors for one day each, so you get some variety. It's space-limited though, so sign up *early*. * [Musky Area Wood Carvers Workshop](http://www.muskyareawoodcarvers.com/21th-annual-musky-area-wood-carvers-woodshop.html) — northern Wisconsin — August — ~5hr from Chicago * [Gathering of Woodcarvers](https://www.gatheringofwoodcarvers.com/festival) — Sandwich, IL — September — 1.5hr from Chicago * (Officially, tent camping is prohibited at the fairgrounds, and I should camp at the Big Rock Campground. Semi-officially, tent camping there is ok (per Mike).)