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document updated 3 months ago, on Nov 21, 2023

heating methods

oxy-acetylene torch

Unfortunately the only place I have to use this torch is at home. And there are two VERY STRONG reasons why it's a bad idea to use acetylene in a residence:

Also, of course, it's objectively a dangerous thing to do. [1] [2]

oxy-MAPP or oxy-propane torch

These are much safer than acetylene. However, most people online say that these don't generate the higher temperatures that brazing really needs [2]. It does work in some situations, but there are a lot of limitations (ctrl-F here for "smaller components").

induction heater

This definitely seems more friendly to the home hobbyist.

In 2023, it seemed like this same handheld design, around $200, was sold under many different brands.

oxy-hydrogen torch

See my separate page about this.

electric arc furnace

Yes, this is absolutely crazy. But still, it's possible.