I've had various ideas for things to put up in my cubicle.

engineering failures

A series of pictures that [obliquely] refer to some famous engineering failures. They wouldn't be spelled out in detail, but would instead be detached diagrams that hint at the failure.

Why: I'm really interested in mechanical engineering and safety engineering, and would like people to stop by and either ask what the pictures are about, or better yet if they KNOW what they're about, that they strike up a conversation with me.

Relevant to work? Yes — knowledge of engineering failures in other fields of engineering helps me do my job, because I'm more sensitive to possible catastrophic failures in the work I do. I'm also gaining experience in engineering fields outside of software engineering, and I'd like to get some recognition for that. It's not always something that people are aware of.

female engineers

Each sheet would be a photo of a particular female engineering role-model, along with a list of that person's accomplishments below their photo.

see here

software-related plushies

Plush-toys that are relevant to software engineering

see here

atmospheric attenuation

I like these graphs, because they're interdisciplinary and "big picture". [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Note: it's important to distinguish between losses due to scattering, versus losses due to attenuation.

Charts that indicate what the CAUSE of absorbtion is: [1] [2]

EM spectrum [2] [3]

other ideas