document updated 17 years ago, on May 2, 2006
There are different ways of doing solid one-off "prototyping" boards using large through-hole components. Techniques are listed in order of board density.
Have a professional shop build you one for $80+, can include through-hole plating, silkscreening, 3+ layers, etc...
Completely etch and drill a copper-clad board (single- or double-sided)
Use pre-drilled copper-clad boards.
Use a pre-drilled no-copper board
  • Wire-wrap
  • Solder leads directly together (eg. another "ugly prototyping")
  • Scotchflex (?? ask Don Estabrook...)
Use unetched minimally-drilled copper-clad boards, and solder leads flat against the copper. Known as "Ugly Prototyping", "Dead-Bug style", or "Manhattan style" (this picture is so cool). Simply, surface-mount using through-hole components. This may be argued to be the least dense of all techniques, but with careful layout and construction, can still be quite dense.

Note that in some cases, this may be one of your only options (eg. here or here)

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