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document updated 18 years ago, on Apr 5, 2006
- has audio output so it can be amplified
- doesn't go off only once, since apparently there's an entire four hour window that I might potentially wake up in
- can emit a "test" tone.  Since we have the amp requirement, there's usually at least two volume knobs involved, one "input" setting, and at least one cable connecting them that sometimes get disconnected.  So there needs to be a quick way to verify that everything is connected and that it's set to be loud enough.

Things that would be nice to have:
	- ability to only go off during weekdays
		- wouldn't piss off the neighbors then
		- wouldn't have to disconnect cables or otherwise disable the alarm as much
	- a separate display detailing how long until the alarm goes off (eg. HH:MM)
		- should eliminate any confusion between AM/PM settings
		- should make weekday/weekend settings, or anything remotely related, also abundantly obvious and confusion-free