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document updated 8 years ago, on Jul 8, 2015
Things in this folder are about removing the need for humans to do attentional control for certain things, by automating them.

I'm motivated to do this for two reasons — 1) I have ADHD, so I really need to do this in order to keep up with my coworkers, and 2) this kind of automation helps *everyone*, not just me. Rather than requiring a human to look through 100 items, only 10 of which interest them, it saves time if the computer can figure out the 10 that the human needs to see.

(and in some cases, where you're waiting for an event to occur, it can save a LOT of time if the computer doesn't notify you about the 100 events that don't interest the human, because that means the human can focus on another task in the meantime)