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document updated 1 year, 8 months ago, on Nov 3, 2022

an any-voltage-input phone charger

The goal is to have a voltage regulator that can accept a very wide voltage input (a buck-boost converter), and it can charge a cellphone at least.

The input could be a wide variety of things:

two voltage converters

The theory here is that 12 volts is SUCH a common voltage to use in vehicles that you probably have some electronics for it already — you probably have a phone modern fast-charger in your car, and you may even have a portable power station that charges from 12 volts.

(note that it's 12 v nominal, 11.6 to 14.8 v actual)

(there was an attempt to move to 24 volt or even 42 volt systems in consumer-level cars, but that didn't pan out for reasons; higher voltage systems may be found on some RVs, larger boats, and commercial/industrial/military vehicles)

Specific products include:

a single voltage converter

Obviously this would be more efficient. However, it would need to integrate the latest fast-charge standards, which means it could lag behind a bit, if it sits in the emergency kit for too long.

Specific products:


For the 12 volt version, I would want a female cigarette lighter socket.

For all of them, I would want a variety of battery-holders, including:

For all of them, if they don't include terminal blocks, then get a butt-terminal-block, to make it easier to connect various inputs to.