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sewing machine intro class for trans folks

I plan to run a sewing machine intro class held at Pumping Station: One, at some point. PS:One regularly holds free skill-share classes, so this is a good fit for it, I believe. PS:One has two sewing machines available, and tables for several more machines if I can get a few people to bring personal ones.

The class would be billed as "sewing machine intro for trans folks", but would probably be clearly described as "for cis folks too", since PS:One would likely mandate that, in order to use their space. My caveat would probably be something like:

raison d'ĂȘtre

Trans folks almost universally have a difficult time finding clothes that fit their unique bodies. While there are a few workarounds, by far the best and most empowering solution is to learn how to modify store-bought clothing yourself.

At the same time, trans folks are chronically underemployed due to stigma, so we usually don't have the funds to pay someone to alter garments.