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document updated 9 years ago, on May 20, 2015

Basically, I want to post a version of this fiasco. But this time, make a single-image montage of just four of the photos:

People ask all the time, did you use Photoshop for these photos? Yes, we used Photoshop, but we also used a machine shop, where we literally cut equipment in half and cut food in half. You get the most accurate representation of what's actually happening that way. ... If we've got something that's going to hold liquid food, what we'll do is take half the blender, glue a piece of glass to it, fill it with food, and photograph that side. Now of course we'll have the seam where the glass is glued on, but we have another half that we can photograph separately. And then we swap the edges from one half to the other using Photoshop.

Creating cutaways to illustrate the process of deep-frying was a particular challenge. We built a special frying tank out of Pyrex so we could photograph food as it was fried. Twice we burned up or shattered the tank, but ultimately we were able to get the shots.

-Scott Heimendinger, photographer for "Modernist Cuisine"

And the title would be:

How food cutaways are made (album in comments)

Possible alternate photos: [pot] [very complex cutaway]

More info: