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When doing normal searching, you're actually using a search syntax that's similar to Apache Lucene's syntax.

However, the underlying search engine using Amazon Cloudsearch syntax. The normal search syntax gets converted to Cloudsearch syntax.

If you use the Cloudsearch syntax, you get access to more information. (in particular, the ability to search by timestamp)

how to enable Cloudsearch syntax

The magic incantations to active Cloudsearch syntax are &syntax=cloudsearch

Threads about this: [1] [2] [3]

Or you can just use the above search box. For example, try searching for timestamp:1357020000..1357106400
and all search results will be from January 1, 2013.


wildcard example
* title:'jailb*'


field description
title: thread title
selftext: body of a self-text thread
author: author's name
site: website
flair_text: flair attached to the story
flair_css_class: CSS class associated with the flair
subreddit: subreddit it was posted in
num_comments: number of comments
timestamp: Unix time the thread was created
nsfw: is the thread marked NSFW, or not?
self: is the thread a self-thread, or not?
downs: number of downvotes
ups: number of upvotes
sr_id: base36 decoded version of the subreddit ID
fullname: the t3_ fullname of the thread

subreddit fields

You can also use Cloudsearch syntax when searching subreddits.

field type description examples
language: str find subreddits for a specific language de, es
name: str No idea. How is this different from description:, or searching no specific field?? [1]
description: str No idea. [1]
sidebar: str Rarely matches. Maybe this was disabled at some point, but it still has some stale data in the inverted index?
(much as this query returns several hits that no longer have 1000 comments?)
header_title: str This one seems to never match. [1]