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document updated 11 years ago, on Feb 7, 2012


Not all color schemes work well for the terminal, many were designed for GUI use only. Look for "cterm" in the syntax script to confirm it works okay for terminals.

PuTTy works with the xterm-256 extension.

Screen works with xterm-256 too, but it requires recompiling and/or .screenrc updates to use.

Browsing large numbers of color schemes

Specific colorschemes

Color schemes that 1) have a light background, and 2) work with the terminal, include:

NOTE: Sometimes these white-background color schemes cause problems where the non-text areas of the screen are black-background. This gives it an odd, jaggedy look. To fix it, I modify the colorscheme file, and change the "NonText" background color to be the exact same as the "Normal" background color.