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document updated 14 years ago, on Jan 23, 2009
This is not a complete Vim manual. Rather, it contains only the commands that I most frequently use.

Screen-oriented movement    
Hjump to top of screen
Mjump to middle of screen
Ljump to bottom of screen
ztmake current line be at top of screen
zzmake current line be in middle of screen
zbmake current line be at bottom of screen
Ctrl-Eup one line
Ctrl-Ydown one line
:markslist all available marks
Ctrl-W <dir>move to another window
Ctrl-W qclose the current window
Fold modification    
zfcreate a fold
zddelete the fold at the cursor
zEdelete (Eliminate) all folds
Fold opening/closing    
zoopen one fold under the cursor
zOopen all folds under the cursor
zcclose one fold under the cursor
zCclose all folds under the cursor
zmincrease the foldlevel by one
zMclose all folds
zrdecrease the foldlevel by one
zRopen all folds
zntemporarily make all folds be open (i.e. disable folding)
zNre-enable folding (all folds will be as they were before)
zitoggle disable/enable folds
Fold movement    
zjmove to the start of the next fold
zkmove to the end of the previous fold
[zmove to start of open fold
]zmove to end of open fold
Changing text    
Ctrl-Aincrement number
Ctrl-Xdecrement number
gqformat text according to 'textwidth' and 'formatoptions'