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document updated 15 years ago, on Jun 19, 2008
WinPcap silent installer

WinPcap used to provide a silent installer, but they took it out of the open source installer due to misuse. The official silent installer is still available via:

You can get a third-party silent installer from:

You can do a silent install yourself:

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note: The official WinPcap installer also makes registry changes for every NIC, but the above procedure seems to work without any registry changes.

If you're running as non-admin, you'll also have to create a service for npf.sys that starts at boot via sc create.

Yes, Wireshark does offer a portable version. However, its installer isn't silent:

"If WinPcap is not installed on the machine, WiresharkPortable will install it when and starts, and remove it when it exits. This can become tedious if WiresharkPortable is started many times."

TODO: Use this to create a full NSIS installer, since NMAP's doesn't appear to install the right version based on what OS is present.