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document updated 5 months ago, on Dec 31, 2023

ways to approach 1-, 2-, 3-, ..., 6-point perspective

1) high precision — always use rulers

Use rulers 100% of the time. Sort of approach it like drafting.

Some recommended resources:

2) medium precision — flexible "rulers"

The benefit — elastic bands / rubber bands are much quicker to place. The challenge — you have to learn how to freehand straight lines because you can't push against a solid ruler any more.

Recommended resources:

3) low precision — completely freehand

Use a ruler very infrequently, and freehand most of it. Approach it like a sketch artist might.

It goes much much faster, and it allows you to draw much more organic shapes.

Even here though, there are some artists who draw in a more precise style [1] [2] [3] and others who use more of a rough-sketch style [1] [2].

(I will never have the skill to do this last one, but it's interesting to see that it's possible.)