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Build tools chart

This page doesn't provide any contextual prose, you should refer to for an overview of various build tools. This page just goes over some specific technical details of each build tool.

distribution-creation side end-user install side
build tool minimum Perl version install tool minimum Perl version
Dist::Zilla v5.20.0 ? ?
Minilla v5.10.1 Module::Build::Tiny [1] v5.6.0
Dist::Milla v5.12.0 ? ?
ExtUtils::MakeMaker v5.6.0 ExtUtils::MakeMaker v5.6.0 [2]
? Module::Build v5.6.1 Module::Build? ?
Module::Install v5.6.0 Module::Install? ?
[1] Although Minilla by default uses Module::Build::Tiny, it can be configured to use Module::Build or ExtUtils::MakeMaker instead
[2] The latest version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker requires Perl 5.6.0. However, that module has been included in Perl core since Perl 5.000, so it's possible it could work with earlier Perls.