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document updated 10 months ago, on May 20, 2022

There are several techniques that are used to extend Perl's syntax.

Source filters

Pluggable keywords

This was added in Perl v5.11.2.

See perlapi#PL_keyword_plugin and perlapi#wrap_keyword_plugin.

One module that a lot of other modules depend on for doing this is Keyword::Simple.

parse_*() functions

This was added in Perl v5.13.7 and v5.13.8.

(more info in 'perlapi')

note to self: you can find these calls in a module's source by doing this: pcre2grep -I -rs '\bparse_(?:stmtseq|fullstmt|barestmt|block|label|(?:full|list|term|arith)expr)\b' .