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  1. Wilson and Hitchens debate each other in a series of Christianity Today articles
  2. the series is reprinted in book form
  3. as part of their book tour, they do a series of debates, which was filmed, and later edited into a documentary that will be eventually released

Magazine debate

In May 2007, the magazine Christianity Today published a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson in serial form. See the Amazon reviews, apparently it was somewhat well-received.


Is Christianity Good for the World?, published in September 2008 by Canon Press.

The table of contents makes clear that the book is a word-for-word reprint of the Christianity Today debates that are available for free, and the copyright page says as much. However, the book form does include a small amount of new material:



[[Christopher Hitchens]]
[[Douglas Wilson (theologian)]]

It was produced by several different organizations:

Level4 [[Darren Doane]] and Josh Karchmer
Gorilla Poet Productions no web presence at all?
Crux Pictures no web presence at all?

It was filmed over the course of three days in the fall of 2008, during their book tour.

The first public screening was held at March 20, 2009 at the Christian Book Expo.

At the expo, Hitchens, Wilson, and three others had an additional debate called "Does the God of Christianity exist, and what difference does it make?"

The list of promo material so far:

Part of the movie is a copy-n-paste from a televised debate the two had on the Christian Broadcasting Network. (you can view it by openning this URL in Windows Media Player, it's 21:27 long)