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Press coverage of the government of Roseland, IN

Press coverage of the government of Roseland, IN

Oct  2, 2007TribuneMalfunctioning tax system needs a fix
Sep 27, 2007TribuneSouth Bend business denies Snyder applied for work
Sep 27, 2007WSBTDid David Snyder Lie in Court?
Sep 27, 2007WSBTSnyder Abstains From Vote on Roseland’s '08 Budget
Sep 27, 2007TribuneSnyder's job claim at hearing is refuted Perri's Auto Planet owner says no application on file, employment not discussed.
Sep 27, 2007TribuneResidents share views on Roseland Transformation of council -- in one way or another -- seen as key.
Sep 27, 2007TribuneAll's quiet in Roseland as council OKs budget No shouting or shoving during 15-minute meeting.
Sep 26, 2007WNDURoseland budget approved
Sep 26, 2007WSBTRoseland Town Clerk's Mom Paid to Get Snyder Out of Jail
Sep 24, 2007WSBTSnyder's Ex-Wife: Holding Him Accountable is Long Overdue
Sep 24, 2007WNDUSnyder bailed out of jail
Sep 24, 2007WSBTDavid Snyder Ordered Back to Jail
Sep 20, 2007WNDUExcessive Force and Police Arrests
Sep 20, 2007TribuneRoseland incident still under scrutiny Dvorak mum on details until decision on charging made.
Sep 19, 2007TribuneMishawaka tailgate party may become an annual event
Sep 18, 2007TribuneRoseland's Embarrassment Townspeople hold hope for change on council.
Sep 17, 2007WNDURoseland residents frustrated
Sep 17, 2007WNDURoseland rumble has ramifications
Sep 17, 2007WNDUDavid Snyder arrested during council meeting
Sep 16, 2007WNDUExcessive Force and Police Arrests
Sep 16, 2007TribuneNo Snyder felony charge following altercation Roseland council member says he did nothing to prompt officer to hurt him.
Sep 16, 2007TribuneOur sick health care system unfair to American people
Sep 15, 2007TribuneSnyder going free after Roseland rumble Roseland council member jailed after Friday evening fracas.
Sep 15, 2007WSBTProsecutor's Office Won't Pursue Felony Charge Against Snyder
Sep 15, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Indiana
Sep 15, 2007TribuneMarshal arrests David Snyder at Roseland session Town's council carries on with budget revisions.
Sep 14, 2007WSBTDavid Snyder Arrested At Friday Night's Council Meeting
Sep 14, 2007WNDUDavid Snyder released from jail after being bloodied at council meeting
Sep 14, 2007TribuneCouncil Member David Snyder is arrested during Roseland meeting
Sep 14, 2007TribuneBudget hearing's legality in question Penn, DLGF believe it's OK; Roseland clerk-treasurer says no changes can be made.
Sep 13, 2007TribuneRoseland shifts budget hearing while barbs fly Clerk-treasurer's absence prompts council's move.
Sep 12, 2007WNDURoseland Budget
Sep 12, 2007WSBTLocal Police Department's Future Debated
Sep 11, 2007TribuneRoseland may cut personal use of police cars Budget hearing could lead to more trims in department costs.
Sep  9, 2007TribuneCost of school supplies getting out of hand for parents
Sep  8, 2007WNDURoseland holds annual Celtic festival
Sep  8, 2007TribuneSnyder prevails in records complaint Public access counselor says it's improper to ask why information is sought.
Sep  8, 2007TribuneRequest for attorney fees denied
Sep  7, 2007TribuneDorothy Snyder prevails in records complaint Public access counselor says it's improper to ask why record is sought.
Sep  6, 2007TribuneRoseland police will continue to serve and protect ... for now
Sep  6, 2007WSBTRoseland Police Will Continue to Serve and Protect ... for Now
Sep  4, 2007TribuneS.B. inventor creates 'Grouch Candle' Inventor says it works in families and in groups.
Aug 28, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Metro
Aug 26, 2007TribuneLabor Day weekend a good time to target drunk drivers
Aug 23, 2007TribuneTempers hot at Roseland meeting Financial woes push council to cut police officers' pay to $6 an hour.
Aug 22, 2007TribuneRoseland council meeting boils over, fueled by short tempers Financial woes cause frustration; few answers given
Aug 22, 2007WNDURoseland Police paid little more than minimum wage
Aug 22, 2007WNDURoseland resident offers David Snyder a job
Aug 22, 2007WSBTRoseland Police Pay Cut To Near Minimum Wage
Aug 22, 2007TribuneBriefs
Aug 21, 2007TribuneRoseland council to discuss police pay Wednesday
Aug 18, 2007TribuneFiscal issues dominate Roseland session David Snyder paints dire picture of town's finances.
Aug 17, 2007WNDURoseland's Police Force Future
Aug 17, 2007TribuneMoney issues dominate Roseland council session Member David Snyder paints dire picture of town's finances
Aug 17, 2007TribuneBriefs
Aug 14, 2007TribuneRoseland Council meeting ends quickly President will appoint new park board members on his own.
Aug 14, 2007TribuneDavid Snyder court hearing postponed Roseland councilman submits documents to child support office.
Aug 13, 2007TribuneRoseland Council meeting ends quickly Police layoffs not discussed; president will appoint new park board members
Aug 13, 2007TribuneCourt hearing postponed for Roseland official David Snyder Councilman submits documents to child support office
Aug 10, 2007TribuneTed Penn files suit against Dorothy, Russell Snyder Roseland council member seeks damages from David Snyder's wife, father.
Aug 10, 2007TribuneBriefs
Aug  9, 2007TribuneRoseland council officer sues Dorothy Snyder, her father-in-law Ted Penn seeks damages from David Snyder's wife, father
Aug  9, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Indiana
Aug  9, 2007TribuneRoseland agrees to settle part of suit
Aug  7, 2007TribuneRoseland agrees to settle part of suit over failed house sale Snyders remain part of legal action
Aug  4, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Indiana
Aug  1, 2007TribuneTown Council must act on Roseland's money problems
Jul 31, 2007WNDUDavid Snyder is not alone
Jul 28, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk's lawyer wants town to pay fees Judge schedules Friday hearing for arguments.
Jul 27, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk's lawyer wants town to pay legal fees Judge schedules Friday hearing for arguments
Jul 27, 2007TribuneSnyder pays $10,400 for early release Roseland Town Council member was jailed for failure to pay child support.
Jul 26, 2007WSBTDavid Snyder Jailed, Then Released Hours Later
Jul 26, 2007TribuneSnyder jailed for non-payment of child support, released Roseland Town Council member released after he pays $10,400.
Jul 26, 2007WSBTDavid Snyder Jailed for Non-Payment of Child Support
Jul 26, 2007TribuneSnyder jailed for non-payment of child support Roseland Town Council member can be released if he pays $10,400.
Jul 26, 2007WNDUDavid Snyder released from custody
Jul 24, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Metro
Jul 22, 2007TribuneA case in point
Jul 18, 2007WSBTWhat is being done to David Snyder for being so far behind on his child support payments?
Jul 16, 2007TribuneCouncil chooses auctioneer for house in Roseland Action designed to start process to raise cash to assist town
Jul 16, 2007WNDUMaking Ends Meet in Roseland
Jul 16, 2007TribuneRoseland finances still look bleak Auditor: Planning would have lessened money woes.
Jul 15, 2007TribuneWelcome to Indiana's new access counselor
Jul 15, 2007TribuneDid these musicians visit Roseland?
Jul  8, 2007TribuneUse offenders to open a 'window' on the St. Joseph River
Jul  3, 2007TribuneSlow down when traveling in work zones
Jun 29, 2007TribuneRoseland council tackles finances Health insurance dropped for town employees.
Jun 29, 2007TribuneDorothy Snyder won't face charges Videotaping incident doesn't merit prosecution, Dvorak says.
Jun 28, 2007TribuneRoseland cuts town employees' health insurance Financial woes lead to council's decision
Jun 28, 2007TribuneProsecutor won't file charges against Dorothy Snyder Dvorak says videotaping incident does not merit prosecution
Jun 28, 2007WSBTDorothy Snyder Will Not Face Charges
Jun 28, 2007WNDUNo Charges Against Snyder
Jun 27, 2007TribuneResidents sound off on Granger's future Pros, cons of incorporation are discussed at meeting.
Jun 23, 2007WNDURoseland Police Show Up to Work
Jun 23, 2007TribuneCoffers empty but police to work Roseland exploring loan offers, property sale to raise cash.
Jun 22, 2007TribuneRoseland: Coffers empty but police to work Town exploring loan offers, property sale to raise cash.
Jun 22, 2007WNDURoseland Town Council's Finances Discussed
Jun 22, 2007WSBTRoseland Treasurer: The Town is Broke
Jun 21, 2007TribuneRoseland's financial outlook not so rosy Council split on who is to blame.
Jun 19, 2007TribuneRoseland finances not so rosy Council split on who is to blame
Jun 19, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Indiana
Jun 16, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Indiana
Jun 15, 2007TribuneRoseland council member's court date moved to July
Jun 14, 2007TribuneRoseland council still beset with financial difficulties
Jun  9, 2007TribuneCivil tone marks Roseland meeting Loans, building permits, legal representation discussed.
Jun  1, 2007TribuneRoseland soap opera gets high ratings
May 26, 2007TribuneRoseland votes to obtain loan Council to post Town Hall as collateral for funds to settle lawsuit.
May 25, 2007WSBTRoseland Council Votes to Borrow $200,000
May 25, 2007TribuneRoseland council votes to take out loan Town hall will be used as collateral.
May 25, 2007TribuneRoseland audit reveals problems Record keeping errors, lack of documentation make it hard to reconcile accounts.
May 24, 2007TribuneState auditors release Roseland report
May 24, 2007WSBTState Auditors Release Roseland Report
May 24, 2007TribuneRoseland to consider taking loan
May 23, 2007TribuneMan who threatened Snyders of Roseland pleads guilty
May 21, 2007WNDUCourt Order Aimed at Roseland
May 21, 2007TribuneRoseland trial set for today is canceled Penn, Gridley reach agreement on some issues.
May 20, 2007TribuneRoseland trial set for Monday is canceled
May 16, 2007TribuneLet's strengthen pet food inspection laws
May 16, 2007TribuneA new day for Roseland?
May 15, 2007WSBTMore Fireworks in Roseland
May 15, 2007TribuneRoseland can't keep quiet Calm meeting degenerates into shouting; council member ejected.
May 14, 2007TribuneLawyers, judge square off in Roseland suits Trial set next week in action seeking to remover clerk-treasurer
May  9, 2007WSBTBig Changes Ahead For Roseland Town Council
May  9, 2007WNDURoseland Moves On
May  8, 2007TribuneShields defeated in Roseland council race
May  8, 2007TribuneShields defeated in Roseland Town to have two new council members; new clerk-treasurer.
May  8, 2007TribuneRoseland primary election results
May  8, 2007TribunePrimary today sees key contests in area Mayoral races, council bids in South Bend, Mishawaka, Roseland closely watched.
May  8, 2007TribuneJudge rules in Roseland lawsuit Gridley stays in office, may appoint deputy of her choice.
May  7, 2007TribuneJudge issues ruling in Roseland court case
May  7, 2007WSBTJudge Issues Ruling In Roseland Court Case
May  5, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Indiana
May  4, 2007TribuneRuling in Roseland litigation expected Monday
May  4, 2007TribuneHearing judge tames Roseland unruliness Ruling expected today on problems between council, clerk-treasurer.
May  3, 2007TribuneBriefs
May  2, 2007TribuneRoseland files suit against Clerk-Treasurer Gridley
May  2, 2007WSBTWhy doesn't South Bend annex Roseland?
May  2, 2007TribuneRoseland council meets over new lawsuit Clerk-treasurer files second complaint; council member says settlement off the table.
May  2, 2007TribuneDavid Snyder trial to be held here Judge denies change of venue.
May  1, 2007TribuneRoseland council plans counter move against clerk-treasurer Gridley filed suit against town Tuesday
May  1, 2007TribuneJudge: David Snyder's trial won't be moved to different county
May  1, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Metro
Apr 29, 2007Tribune4 Roseland Town Council candidates seek 2 slots
Apr 27, 2007WNDUA Week We Will Never Forget
Apr 26, 2007TribuneDorothy Snyder arrested after Roseland meeting Former council member refuses to stop using video recorder.
Apr 25, 2007TribuneEx-Roseland council president Dorothy Snyder arrested after meeting
Apr 25, 2007WSBTDorothy Snyder Arrested At Roseland Council Meeting
Apr 25, 2007TribuneDorothy Snyder arrested after Roseland meeting tonight
Apr 25, 2007WNDUDorothy Snyder, Cuffed, and Taken Downtown
Apr 24, 2007TribuneRoseland Town Council to meet Wednesday
Apr 20, 2007WNDUThings Not So Rosey In Roseland
Apr 20, 2007TribuneRoseland looking into finances Council members question how clerk-treasurer can legally work.
Apr 19, 2007TribuneRoseland officials take action to check finances Council members question how clerk-treasurer can legally work
Apr 19, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk-treasurer says she will not resign
Apr 18, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk-treasurer has no plans to quit post
Apr 17, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk sues council official Gridley seeks damages from Ted Penn to compensate for losing bond.
Apr 16, 2007TribuneRoseland government fight leads to lawsuit
Apr 16, 2007WSBTRoseland Government Fight Leads To Lawsuit
Apr 16, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk-treasurer files lawsuit Gridley seeks damages from Ted Penn alleging harassment, lies
Apr 14, 2007TribuneYelling overshadows debate in Roseland Shouting drowns out discussion in latest Town Council saga.
Apr 13, 2007TribuneRoseland Town Council votes to stop clerk-treasurer's salary Shouting drowns out discussion in latest saga
Apr 12, 2007TribuneRoseland trying to even its keel Council discusses return to governing process during a chaotic session.
Apr 11, 2007TribuneDavid Snyder walks out of Roseland council meeting today
Apr  9, 2007WNDURoseland Town Hall Remains Closed
Apr  8, 2007TribuneNeed a reason to Dyngus? Here are 14
Apr  4, 2007TribuneHearing for alleged Snyder intimidator moved to May 2
Mar 31, 2007TribuneTown clerk issues persist in Roseland Roseland also OKs adding German Twp. to Clay Fire Territory.
Mar 30, 2007TribuneRoseland council OKs adding German Twp. to Clay fire territory at deadline Clerk issue still plagues governing body
Mar 28, 2007TribuneArea Briefs
Mar 27, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs: Metro
Mar 26, 2007TribuneRoseland Town Council meeting canceled
Mar 22, 2007TribuneAttorney for Roseland council resigns Woods cites board members' inability to work for common good.
Mar 21, 2007WSBTRoseland Town Attorney Resigns
Mar 19, 2007TribuneYour Opinion: Tribune has it wrong on Roseland
Mar 18, 2007TribuneRemodeling, not new fire station for German Township Former trustee says new station could have been built for cost of remodeling.
Mar 17, 2007TribuneSpecial meeting in Roseland Council acts to remove clerk-treasurer.
Mar 17, 2007TribuneA Roseland by any other name
Mar 16, 2007TribuneRoseland council OKs action toward removing clerk-treasurer Town general fund reported to have $13,000 deficit
Mar 14, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk files complaint with Indiana over meeting schedule
Mar 14, 2007TribuneLocal Briefs
Mar 13, 2007TribuneClerk-treasurer Gridley says council members are wrong
Mar 13, 2007TribuneDispute ends Roseland meeting Penn won't let Dorothy Snyder participate
Mar 12, 2007WSBTRoseland Town Business on Hold
Mar 12, 2007WNDUPolitical Paralysis in Roseland
Mar 12, 2007TribuneAccountability in Roseland
Mar 12, 2007TribuneTake-home police cars good for everyone
Mar 12, 2007TribuneRoseland devolves into complaints, countercomplaints Public access counselor is considering some of the issues.
Mar  9, 2007TribuneRoseland councilman predicts financial woes
Mar  8, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk claims town attorney has conflict Gridley declines to reopen office; says she is preparing for planned state audit.
Mar  8, 2007TribuneLearn to grow
Mar  7, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk's office remains closed despite warning of lawsuit
Mar  7, 2007TribuneSuit possible against clerk in Roseland Town attorney sets noon deadline for her return to work.
Mar  6, 2007TribuneVIDEO clip: "Welcome to Snyderville" Documentary will be shown again Wednesday at ND.
Mar  6, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk closes office Dorothy Snyder is deputized to conduct town business from her home.
Mar  5, 2007TribuneRoseland clerk closes office, hires Dorothy Snyder as her stand-in Cheryl Gridley authorized Dorothy Snyder to conduct town business from her home
Mar  2, 2007TribunePenn says Roseland will be audited Town Council member continues to question town finances, clerk-treasurer.
Mar  2, 2007TribunePolice arrest suspect following robbery in Roseland
Mar  1, 2007WSBTState to Investigate Roseland Finances
Mar  1, 2007TribuneCouncil member says Roseland is to be audited
Feb 28, 2007TribuneBill to boot deadbeats advances Dvorak aims to push public officials from office if they owe child support.
Feb 27, 2007TribuneMeasure passes to remove delinquent politicians in Indiana Dvorak aims to push public officials from office if they owe child support
Feb 25, 2007TribunePrimary election battles looming in cities South Bend, Mishawaka and Roseland races on ballot for May.
Feb 22, 2007WSBTCouncil Members Debate Finances In Roseland
Feb 21, 2007TribuneDavid Snyder's attorney requests trial be held elsewhere
Feb 21, 2007TribuneSnyder appears in court
Feb 15, 2007TribuneSnyder's real estate license yanked Roseland council member in arrears on support not able to sell real estate.
Feb 14, 2007TribuneDavid Snyder's real estate license yanked Dvorak says Roseland council member defies child support agreements
Feb 12, 2007TribuneRoseland officials locking horns Cheryl Gridley refuses to work in office while Ted Penn is there.
Feb  9, 2007TribuneRoseland discusses clerk-treasurer Councilmen differ on issues related to official.
Feb  7, 2007TribuneGasoline prices require some explaining
Feb  6, 2007TribunePrisoners an undue burden to taxpayers
Feb  3, 2007TribuneLesson on Iraq: What would Moses do?
Feb  2, 2007TribuneRoseland council votes to settle suits; budget status iffy Member says town hopes to save money by spending less time in court.
Feb  1, 2007TribuneReassessment clerk in St. Joseph County seeks Roseland office
Feb  1, 2007TribuneBusinesses could be hurt by wage hike
Jan 31, 2007WNDURoseland Town Council Talks Budget
Jan 31, 2007TribuneLeave it alone
Jan 30, 2007TribuneSuspect in threats to Snyders of Roseland appears in court
Jan 26, 2007TribuneBriefs
Jan 25, 2007TribuneOfficials treated family with compassion Heartfelt Roseland Know-it-alls
Jan 25, 2007TribuneBriefs
Jan 24, 2007TribuneSouth Bend's rich history a major asset
Jan 22, 2007TribuneRoseland should proceed cautiously while undoing things Comprehensive plan and other ideas of the Snyders have good elements.
Jan 22, 2007TribuneCounty Council could use some manners
Jan 21, 2007TribuneRoseland commission off to new start New board anxious to work for town's best interest.
Jan 21, 2007Tribune'Welcome to Snyderville' Roseland documentary highlights ND film festival
Jan 21, 2007TribuneWhen this writer says 'hats off to you,' he really means it
Jan 20, 2007TribuneWhat to do about Roseland?
Jan 20, 2007TribuneAnger, confusion linger in Lakeville Police issues dominate council discussion.
Jan 19, 2007TribuneRoseland council nixes hotel Residents speak freely; meetings much 'friendlier,' president says.
Jan 19, 2007TribuneLakeville meeting grows heated over police matters
Jan 19, 2007TribuneThe bottom line: Let businesses decide
Jan 17, 2007TribuneRoseland hotel plan vote reaffirmed Panel passes resolution affirming earlier unfavorable recommendation.
Jan 16, 2007WNDUNew Hotel in Roseland?
Jan 16, 2007TribuneRoseland commission changes David Snyder objects to changes on Redevelopment Commission.
Jan 14, 2007TribuneSorry to keep you waiting
Jan 14, 2007TribunePrivatization always should be Americans' first choice
Jan 13, 2007TribuneIt's time to elect Mishawaka school board
Jan 13, 2007TribuneCalm prevails at Roseland meeting Week after fracas, Snyder and Penn conduct business in civilized manner.
Jan 12, 2007TribuneRoseland Council conducts calm meeting Snyder goes to court on criminal charges
Jan 12, 2007TribuneMan charged with intimidating Snyders Elkhart man allegedly threatened to kill Roseland couple.
Jan 12, 2007TribuneRoseland ejection ruled unnecessary Video shows hubbub from Snyder's order.
Jan 11, 2007WNDUBusiness as Usual in Roseland?
Jan 11, 2007TribuneDavid Snyder Released
Jan 11, 2007TribuneMan charged with intimidating Snyders Elkhart man allegedly threatened to kill Roseland couple; man told police that calls were a joke.
Jan 11, 2007TribuneRoseland official charged David Snyder faces felony count of intimidation, plus misdemeanor battery.
Jan 11, 2007TribuneBriefs
Jan 10, 2007TribuneFelony Charges Filed Against David Snyder
Jan 10, 2007TribuneRoseland decision expected today Council members still bickering as announcement from prosecutor awaited.
Jan  9, 2007TribuneRoseland fracas under review Prosecutor expected to make decision soon on possible charges.
Jan  8, 2007TribuneJudge drops Snyder's appeal of license ruling Action leaves Roseland official with real estate broker license on probation.
Jan  8, 2007TribuneRoseland should stop wasting its resources
Jan  7, 2007TribuneThe times -- and signs -- are a'changin' in Roseland
Jan  7, 2007TribuneFour recent death threats, Roseland's Snyders say Dorothy Snyder claims husband's rights violated.
Jan  6, 2007WNDU"Rumble in Roseland" Continues
Jan  6, 2007TribuneRoseland reaches its boiling point Chaos erupts, leaving David Snyder arrested, Penn injured.
Jan  5, 2007WNDURumble in Roseland!
Jan  5, 2007TribuneMeeting kicks off new era for Roseland Controversy continues as council member David Snyder is ejected.
Jan  4, 2007WNDUPink Slips Fly at Roseland Town Council
Jan  4, 2007TribuneDavid Snyder ejected from first Roseland Town Council meeting of year Meeting ushers in new majority after husband-wife tandem's period of power
Jan  4, 2007Tribune2007 could see continuing problems in Roseland -With one Snyder remaining, potential exists for ongoing conflicts on council.
Jan  3, 2007TribuneNew year, new beef in Roseland Penn threatens charges over some transition issues.
Jan  2, 2007TribuneControversy continues in Roseland
Jan  1, 2007WNDUNew Era in Roseland
Jan  1, 2007TribuneRoseland ends year in squabble Dorothy Snyder files police report against successor.
Dec 31, 2006TribuneThe year it was On leasing a road, clearing the smoke, and the tragic deaths of children and heroes.
Dec 30, 2006TribuneRoseland ends year filing lawsuits Petition filed for special prosecutor; other lawsuit challenges Clay Fire Territory pact.
Dec 29, 2006TribuneDorothy Snyder's last meeting as Roseland official quiet Roseland president gives small warning; David Snyder contests meeting plans.
Dec 24, 2006TribuneSanta gives 'em just what they deserve
Dec 21, 2006TribuneBriefs
Dec 20, 2006TribuneChange in Roseland stirs mixed feelings
Dec 20, 2006TribuneRoseland council wants hotel reconsidered Dorothy Snyder gets fruitcake as her term nears end.
Dec 18, 2006TribuneLocal Briefs
Dec 15, 2006TribuneBriefs
Dec 14, 2006TribuneRoseland council meeting canceled Council member experiences death in family
Dec 14, 2006TribuneCommissioner wants more accountability from visitors bureau Director defends work being done to promote tourism.
Dec  8, 2006TribuneBoard to Roseland: 'You need to get your act together' Town residents encouraged to work for common good.
Dec  7, 2006TribuneRoseland suit can proceed Judge won't toss claim against town, Snyders over fines, failed sale of house.
Dec  1, 2006TribuneRoseland forgives license fines Business owners in Roseland argued they were unaware of ordinance.
Nov 28, 2006TribunePanel rejects Roseland hotel plan Unfavorable recommendation goes to town board.
Nov 20, 2006TribuneSUV not essential part of a 'good life'
Nov 19, 2006TribuneThese turkeys gobbled up the competition
Nov 19, 2006TribuneLet's have mandatory military service for America's youth
Nov 18, 2006TribuneMetro: Briefs
Nov 15, 2006TribuneBerrien County aims to bag deadbeat dads Friend of Court uses 1982 state law to revoke hunting licenses of 50.
Nov 11, 2006TribuneRoseland meets on fees, appeal Council meeting also addresses upcoming auction.
Nov 11, 2006TribuneWhere were Roseland sign police this time?
Nov 10, 2006TribunePenn among many ejected at Roseland New council member's wife also told to leave; Shields walks out.
Nov  8, 2006TribunePenn wins big in race to replace Dorothy Snyder in Roseland
Nov  8, 2006TribuneRoseland residents reject increasing council
Nov  8, 2006TribuneRoseland council hopefuls tailgate Osama bin Laden fliers handed out in parking lot.
Nov  8, 2006TribuneCandidates 'tailgate' in Roseland Osama bin Laden fliers handed out in parking lot
Nov  8, 2006Tribune'No more Snyderville' Penn, council of three members win in Roseland
Nov  7, 2006TribuneSt. Joseph County election results
Nov  5, 2006TribuneRoseland Town Council candidates
Nov  5, 2006TribuneBallot issue raises questions in Roseland A majority of 'yes' votes would add two members to Town Council.
Nov  5, 2006TribuneSt. Joseph County candidates
Nov  5, 2006TribuneState environmental agency not up to policing CAFOs
Nov  5, 2006TribuneCandidates take different tacks on Roseland issues Penn says 'no' to expanded council; Klopfenstein likes idea to get more people involved.
Nov  4, 2006TribuneRoseland hotel likely a done deal Zoning board opposes it, but Town Council has final say.
Nov  3, 2006TribuneRoseland hotel, and Snyder profit, likely done deal Zoning board opposes it, but Town Board has final say
Nov  3, 2006TribuneRoseland council change unlikely 'Information session' at Pizza King draws crowd.
Nov  1, 2006TribuneRoseland town council meeting called on expansion plan Residents invited to discussion on five-member panel.
Oct 31, 2006TribuneMeeting called on Roseland council expansion
Oct 31, 2006TribuneLocal Briefs: Michigan
Oct 31, 2006TribuneCommunities set times for trick-or-treat
Oct 28, 2006TribuneGrieving family must find a 'new normal'
Oct 25, 2006TribuneRoseland looks at urban design ideas Architects explore options for town's future.
Oct 25, 2006TribuneBriefs
Oct 25, 2006TribuneSnyder discloses role in hotel deal He'll act as broker of site for Candlewood Suites on Cleveland.
Oct 25, 2006TribuneSnyder: Budget money all borrowed Redevelopment plan called 'unrealistic' by auditor.
Oct 24, 2006TribuneSnyder discloses role in Roseland hotel deal
Oct 24, 2006WSBTIf the only way an elected official in Indiana can be removed from their position is if they break the law, how is David Snyder not considered a law breaker?
Oct 24, 2006TribuneRoseland redevelopment budget hits snag County officials say it was not properly advertised.
Oct 24, 2006TribuneRoseland business owners banding together Plan strategy to defeat expansion of Roseland council, undo Snyders' control.
Oct 24, 2006TribuneCrowded hall makes for ineffective study
Oct 22, 2006TribuneIndiana Briefs
Oct 20, 2006TribuneIndiana Briefs
Oct 20, 2006TribuneProsecutor's use of office shows prejudice in child support case
Oct 17, 2006TribuneLocal Briefs
Oct 14, 2006TribuneBriefs
Oct 13, 2006TribuneRoseland resident settles with Snyders in suit over sign
Oct 13, 2006TribuneRoseland law targets meeting disruptions Ordinance sets fine for those who disturb Town Council gatherings.
Oct 10, 2006TribuneIndiana: Area Briefs
Oct  5, 2006Tribune'Shocking' Fry letters decried by Hiler House District 5 incumbent makes no apologies after rival's complaints.
Oct  5, 2006TribuneRoseland ejections could deny citizens rights to attend meeting, warns public access counselor
Oct  3, 2006TribunePope's words generated ironic response
Oct  1, 2006TribuneSign of the times will return soon in Roseland
Sep 30, 2006TribuneInsults fly in Roseland Council One member walks out, another threatens to; town saves police post by cutting pay raises.
Sep 30, 2006TribuneCouncil members trade insults over Roseland budget One walks out, another threatens to; town saves police position by cutting pay raises.
Sep 29, 2006TribuneRoseland council members exchange insults One member walks out, another threatens to do the same.
Sep 29, 2006TribuneSnyder's real estate license to be pulled for unpaid support? State agency rules that it should be suspended.
Sep 29, 2006TribuneBusiness owners contest fines in Roseland Council rejects appeals of penalties for obtaining business licenses late.
Sep 28, 2006TribuneSnyder to lose real estate license Order comes as a result of unpaid child support
Sep 26, 2006WSBTWith all the problems reported in Roseland, what prevents the citizens of the town from simply removing the Snyders from office?
Sep 24, 2006TribuneAnnexation would put an end to the Roseland problem
Sep 22, 2006TribuneMetro Briefs
Sep 21, 2006TribuneMetro Briefs
Sep 21, 2006TribuneRoseland meeting jammed Attorney gives lawsuit update at meeting that prohibited Snyders.
Sep 17, 2006TribuneSouth Bend wins old Roseland sewer lawsuit Ruling ends 16-year-old dispute.
Sep 15, 2006TribuneProsecutor's action riles Snyders
Sep 15, 2006TribuneLaw and order in Roseland
Sep 13, 2006TribuneTaking AIM
Sep 11, 2006TribuneRules for political signs not uniform in St. Joe County City attorney notes some ordinances might not pass court test.
Sep  9, 2006TribuneMen consider legal action Two ordered out of Roseland Town Council meetings file complaints.
Sep  9, 2006TribuneGovernment should help Americans first
Sep  9, 2006TribuneTwo arrested at Roseland meetings consider legal action Complaints have been filed with other law enforcement agencies.
Sep  8, 2006TribuneNo charges in Roseland arrests Town Council president wants county prosecutor to reconsider.
Sep  6, 2006TribuneMetro Briefs
Sep  1, 2006TribuneSnyders log only no vote on fire budget
Sep  1, 2006TribuneAnother Roseland meeting arrest Hearing starts with resident's arrest for saying 'amen'
Aug 31, 2006TribuneAnother arrest made at Roseland meeting after resident says 'amen' after Pledge Man disputes ejection on First Amendment grounds, jailed as 'disorderly'
Aug 31, 2006TribuneRoseland officials targeted again Property spray-painted second time; husband looks to 'horrific' cult.
Aug 25, 2006TribuneSnyders angrily confronted Attorney for fined couple says suit targets David and Dorothy, not town.
Aug 25, 2006TribuneMan, 82, bloodied as police eject him Prosecutor has him released from jail with no bond.
Aug 24, 2006TribuneSnyders angrily confronted Attorney for fined couple says suit targets David & Dorothy, not town
Aug 24, 2006Tribune82-year-old man bloodied at Roseland council meeting Dvorak arranges release with no bond
Aug 11, 2006TribuneRoseland residents warned of crime Ejections also part of Town Council meeting.
Jul 29, 2006TribuneResidents can say 'no' to tree removal
Jul 27, 2006TribuneRoseland hires town marshal
Jul 23, 2006TribuneOsco Trial: New lessons learned from old crime Why another jury couldn't decide who did, or didn't, kill three at Osco
Jul 22, 2006TribuneOsco trial result: New lessons learned from old crime Why another jury couldn't decide who did, or didn't, kill three at store
Jul 20, 2006TribuneVerdict awaited in third Osco trial
Jul 13, 2006TribuneAttorney to sue Roseland, officials Suit also will cite constitutional rights violations in loss of home sale.
Jul 12, 2006TribuneDisruption of meeting grounds for ejection Access counselor says Roseland can deny attendance to noisy citizens.
Jul 12, 2006TribuneAttorney to sue Roseland under racketeering act Suit also will cite constitutional rights violations in loss of home sale.
Jul 11, 2006TribuneRoseland sign issue was worth fighting for
Jul 11, 2006TribunePolice overlooked real Osco killer, defense argues Testimony opens in third trial of Christopher Allen in triple slayings.
Jul  9, 2006TribuneOld question in 3rd Osco trial Did Allen slay 3 employees while robbing the store he used to manage?
Jun 25, 2006TribuneThat automated toll road really bothers me, eh?
Jun 25, 2006TribuneOpposition to reactivating rail line isn't based on facts
Jun 25, 2006TribuneDorothy Snyder says house a work in progress She objects to description of her property as 'deteriorated.'
Jun 24, 2006TribuneAttorney threatens Roseland with suit
Jun 23, 2006TribuneResidents win against Roseland Sign ordinance to be amended, fines waived in settlement
Jun 21, 2006TribuneRoseland government a poor excuse for leadership
Jun 21, 2006TribuneTwo Roseland plans approved And a pair of residents object to one of them.
Jun 18, 2006TribuneA sensible choice
Jun 17, 2006TribuneRoseland official found guilty of speeding Dorothy Snyder convicted of going 38 mph in 30 mph zone.
Jun 16, 2006TribuneGerman Twp., Clay Fire enter interlocal pact Clay will provide fire protection for township starting Aug. 1.
Jun 15, 2006TribuneSnyder property in worse shape than ticketed house David Snyder says no one has filed a complaint against wife's vacant house.
Jun 13, 2006TribuneNice change
Jun 10, 2006TribuneRoseland council might expand Snyders decide to put the proposal on the ballot for voters.
Jun  9, 2006TribuneSnyders want Roseland council to expand to five members They decide to put the proposal on the ballot for voters
Jun  4, 2006TribuneWho was that masked fellow behind the church?
May 31, 2006TribuneND's tradition allows for varying views
May 29, 2006TribuneSnyder adds septic issue to family ordeal Family frustrated by the questionable changes demanded.
May 28, 2006TribuneHogwarts slitherin' into Indy Children's Museum
May 28, 2006TribuneIllegal visitors have an obligation to respect the flag, too
May 27, 2006TribuneIt's up to the people to control oil prices
May 21, 2006TribuneCompared to other Indiana cities, South Bend is Oz
May 21, 2006TribuneTown policy requires you to smile for the camera
May 18, 2006TribuneHeroes come in different shapes, sizes
May 16, 2006TribuneLeaf leaflet throws town into a furor Snyders seek probe; worker says he was threatened.
May 15, 2006TribuneLeaf leaflet throws town into a furor Snyders seek criminal probe; worker says he was threatened.
May 15, 2006TribuneND students film Roseland at work Documentary to reflect 'what a screwed-up situation it is.'
May 15, 2006TribuneRoseland misses a step in developing comprehensive plan Town seeks deadline extension to submit it to Area Plan Commission.
May 13, 2006TribuneSnyders may ask Shields to resign Roseland Town Council grows more contentious.
May 13, 2006TribuneRoseland town clerk questions vote totals She sees fraud or mistake in election she lost, 126-20.
May 13, 2006WSBTAnother Controversy Heats Up In Roseland
May 12, 2006TribuneRoseland meeting sinks into chaos Woman criticizes Snyders' plaque for fellow council member Shields.
May  9, 2006TribuneCorrection
May  8, 2006TribuneSnyders respond to Roseland leaf flap
May  4, 2006TribuneLeaves causing a stir in Roseland Pickup scheduled for Friday.
May  3, 2006Tribune2006 primary election results: St. Joseph County
May  3, 2006TribuneStaszewski victorious in German Township Nemes beats Tomczak in Warren Township.
May  3, 2006TribuneDvorak defeats Snyder Roseland council member says she at least was able to publicize noncustodial parent issues.
May  3, 2006WSBTDvorak Wins in Democratic Primary for 8th District Rep.
Apr 30, 2006TribuneQ&A
Apr 30, 2006TribuneNoncustodial parents primary issue Snyder runs on support, Dvorak promises to listen to constituents.
Apr 30, 2006TribuneDistrict 8 state representative
Apr 30, 2006TribuneClay Township Board nod sought
Apr 29, 2006TribuneLooking to the attorney general
Apr 22, 2006TribuneRights for noncustodial parents not a joke
Apr 20, 2006TribuneCandidates get grilled at forum in township Fire territory bid, wheel tax heat up event.
Apr 19, 2006TribuneRoseland bars German Twp. fire service Township officials say David Snyder has personal grudge.
Apr 18, 2006TribuneWhen life happens, take responsibility
Apr  4, 2006TribuneJudge nixes Roseland's request for legal fees
Apr  3, 2006TribuneCitation over gravel angers property owner Roseland resident leaves before appeal hearing concludes.
Mar 29, 2006TribuneSnyder complains about candidacy Roseland council had demanded attorney fees reimbursement from Ted Penn.
Mar 26, 2006TribuneIndiana's property tax law is a real fixer-upper
Mar 24, 2006TribuneToll hearings draw angry comments Lease agreement still a touchy issue.
Mar 24, 2006TribuneDick Addis brought TV weather alive
Mar 19, 2006TribuneReligion has no place in public school science classes
Mar 16, 2006TribuneDon't sacrifice civil liberties for security
Mar 12, 2006TribuneWould Cafe Roseland have a sign in front?
Mar 11, 2006TribuneMetro Briefs
Mar  8, 2006TribuneKatrina shouldn't have been a surprise
Mar  7, 2006TribuneGood non-custodial parents pay support
Mar  4, 2006TribuneUtility poles cause a stir in Roseland Installation draws warning from Snyder; says work lacks a permit.
Mar  2, 2006TribuneRoseland refuses to grant permit Couple sues after trying to fulfill Snyder's demands.
Feb 25, 2006TribuneRoseland loans money to commission Snyders make up majority of both Town Council and Redevelopment Commission.
Feb 25, 2006TribuneGive control to foreigners? Unthinkable!
Feb 20, 2006TribuneCandidate filing deadline ends Some key slots unfilled, interesting races shaping up.
Feb 19, 2006TribuneFocus on 'stranger danger' distorts reality of sexual abuse
Feb 17, 2006TribuneKauffman announces he will run for prosecutor Duerring exits race; Hurley won't run for sheriff.
Feb 15, 2006TribuneSnyder declares state rep candidacy Roseland council chief runs on noncustodial parent issue.
Feb 15, 2006TribuneChocola should cover costs of Bush visit
Feb 15, 2006WSBTDorothy Snyder to Run for State Rep. Seat
Feb 14, 2006TribuneSnyder to run for state rep She will not run in Roseland, instead running on rights of non-custodial parents.
Feb 10, 2006TribuneInjunction halts town's attempt to raze burned building
Feb 10, 2006TribuneRoseland officer may stay after all But another will leave soon.
Feb  3, 2006TribuneRoseland ...
Feb  1, 2006TribuneRoseland officer quits over order to eject councilman Council meeting ends after president tries to have fellow member removed.
Feb  1, 2006TribuneSouth Bend wins partial victory City not required to provide Roseland residents free water, sewer lines.
Feb  1, 2006WSBTMore Trouble In Roseland
Jan 26, 2006TribuneSwanson quits Roseland Resignation letter was dated Dec. 21, 2005.
Jan 26, 2006TribuneAdam's actions give hope for the future
Jan 26, 2006WSBTRoseland Hopes To Move On After Swanson
Jan 25, 2006TribunePoor response doomed steer to accident
Jan 23, 2006TribuneLet's fight terror in the inner cities
Jan 22, 2006TribuneSuspension of Snyder's real estate license is possible State allows action if person is behind in child support payments.
Jan 20, 2006TribuneRoseland residents say no to Swanson Council hears views before deciding town marshal's fate.
Jan 20, 2006TribuneSwanson deserved a break in sentencing
Jan 18, 2006TribuneMetro Briefs
Jan 16, 2006TribuneAppraisals are low for Roseland building Owner vows to fight effort to seize property for less than investment.
Jan 15, 2006TribuneJust a little more exciting than watching paint dry ...
Jan 14, 2006TribuneRoseland hires urban design firm
Jan 14, 2006TribuneProbe into Snyder vandalism on hold Reward offered for help catching painter of Roseland couple's house.
Jan 14, 2006TribuneBriefs
Jan 13, 2006TribuneImpeachment an option in Roseland
Jan 12, 2006TribuneVandals spray-paint Snyders' house Roseland couple told in purple to 'get out.'
Jan 11, 2006TribuneJudge backs Roseland in president-vote lawsuit
Jan 11, 2006WSBTRoseland Council Member Loses Suit Against Town
Jan 10, 2006TribuneFate of her TV antenna decided Wednesday
Jan  9, 2006TribuneJudge says he suggested felony sentences for Swanson Frese said 2003 law would have allowed felonies to be reduced later.
Jan  6, 2006TribuneBoard president tries to quell concern about appointment Wife of part-time parks maintenance employee asked to serve on Roseland park board.
Jan  6, 2006TribuneSwanson sentencing a slap in the face
Jan  5, 2006TribuneIs lawmaker targeting David Snyder? House measure would force Roseland council member from office for failure to pay child support.
Jan  5, 2006TribuneSeveral cops on wrong side of law Police more likely today to be treated like other citizens who break the law.
Jan  4, 2006TribuneSnyders maintain Roseland council reins Spouses elect each other president and vice president during morning session.
Jan  3, 2006TribuneSnyders maintain Roseland reins Spouses elect each other president and vice president.
Jan  3, 2006TribuneRoseland council to elect its new 2006 officers today Shields' lawsuit to be president again now moot.
Jan  3, 2006WSBTSnyder Re-Elected Roseland Council President
Jan  1, 2006TribuneThe top story: Central or Eastern?
Dec 31, 2005TribuneImport tax could help pay America's bills
Dec 31, 2005TribuneRoseland rolls on despite squabble Council acts on meeting tape fees, employee bonuses.
Dec 25, 2005TribuneChristmas list includes wishes for government End of the war, alternative fuels and affordable health care on the list.
Dec 25, 2005TribuneSanta gives 'em just what they deserve
Dec 23, 2005TribuneRoseland goes around on proposal Public hearing on comprehensive plan is less than polite.
Dec 21, 2005TribuneRoseland discussion on planning tonight Use of roundabout among recommendations for community.
Dec 18, 2005Tribune'Moment of silence' wasted on apathetic fellow students
Dec 17, 2005TribuneFirst primary for Roseland in '06 Deadline for primary candidacy is Feb. 17.
Dec 16, 2005TribuneRoseland Town Council election argued in court Former council president asks that board election be declared invalid; recall suit dismissed in another case.
Dec 15, 2005TribuneBriefs
Dec 15, 2005WSBTRoseland Town Council To Discuss Swanson's Future
Dec 14, 2005TribuneRemembering the 'Roseland Miracle' Pilot has tried to 'put it behind,' but others can't.
Dec 14, 2005TribuneStill keeping their eyes to the skies Witnesses can't forget the spectacle of plane's landing.
Dec 14, 2005TribuneSwanson avoids jail in theft case Judge sentences officer to 800 hours' community service; he may stay in police work.
Dec 11, 2005TribuneOf all people, Rosa Parks might understand
Dec 10, 2005TribuneUnlicensed businesses could receive fines
Dec 10, 2005TribuneMore ejected in Roseland Resident esco8rted from Town Council meeting for 'back talking' first in a line.
Dec  9, 2005TribuneOfficer may be reprimanded Roseland Town Council votes to hear case Dec. 14.
Dec  8, 2005TribuneRoseland police officer has been in trouble before Lieutenant to be in court Friday after allegedly fighting with girlfriend.
Dec  7, 2005TribuneRoseland officer, girlfriend arrested in domestic incident
Dec  6, 2005TribuneNothing more to say but goodbye
Dec  3, 2005TribuneArea Briefs
Nov 30, 2005TribuneRoseland resident files suit over signs in veterans park Council member Snyder denies taking signs, said he instructed police to collect as evidence of code violations.
Nov 29, 2005TribuneMetro: Briefs
Nov 27, 2005TribuneSnyder tells workers not to use gas station Dispute dates back to incident in summer of 2003.
Nov 26, 2005TribuneCommon Council to consider sign rules Year-round holiday displays would be protected by amendment.
Nov 24, 2005TribuneMother of Snyder's two sons delighted to get payment The $11,250 will put a dent in the $90,700 she said he owes.
Nov 23, 2005WSBTSnyders Start Foundation
Nov 20, 2005TribuneThese turkeys roasted and carved just right
Nov 19, 2005TribuneSnyder pays $11,250 support to avoid jail Much still owed in back support for two sons.
Nov 19, 2005Tribune$11,250 paid to avoid jail time Much still owed in back support for Snyder's two sons.
Nov 19, 2005WSBTSnyder Pays Back Child Support, Avoids Jail
Nov 16, 2005TribuneRoseland fails to send presenter to meeting Area Plan Commission gives zoning change unfavorable vote.
Nov 16, 2005TribuneSnyder should leave council now
Nov 15, 2005TribuneBriefs
Nov 14, 2005TribuneBig dreams, little money for projects Plans for park depend on budget.
Nov 13, 2005TribuneWhat time is it? Depends on if you call or e-mail No badge, no bust, no meeting No clock on her affections
Nov 11, 2005Tribune'I might as well go to jail' Roseland's David Snyder ordered to pay $11,250 in child support.
Nov 11, 2005WSBTSnyder Sentenced To Pay or Go To Jail
Nov  9, 2005WSBTRoseland Town Council Fight Heads to Court
Nov  3, 2005TribuneRoseland discusses fines, trash pickup Under proposal, business owners would face penalty for failure to get operating license.
Oct 24, 2005TribuneKeys to a kinder town Former resident says Roseland used to work together.
Sep  3, 2005TribuneNo charges after Roseland investigation Prosecutor says state police found no evidence of criminal activity in connection with alleged forgery.
Aug 24, 2005TribuneRoseland suits transferred Child support hearing delayed for David Snyder
Aug 19, 2005Tribune6 ejected from Roseland meeting Arguments ensue as council slogs through agenda
Aug 15, 2005TribuneRoseland street sweeper stirs up discontent Town worker says he didn't know outside firm hired.
Aug 11, 2005TribuneSign wars in Roseland A prayer in the window; a ticket in the door
Aug  7, 2005TribuneRoseland residents need to take back their town
Aug  6, 2005TribuneEx-council president sues for office Roseland council member maintains election that ousted him was illegal.
Aug  3, 2005TribuneLawsuit filed over sign Hearing set for Sept. 1 in Roseland case.
Jul 30, 2005TribuneOne attorney outlines possible Roseland suits He says three issues may be grounds for legal action.
Jul 28, 2005TribuneRoseland official tries to catch up on child support David Snyder says drop in income keeps him from paying full amount.
Jul 27, 2005TribuneLatest Roseland flap: Yard signs Residents get warnings, tickets; claim free speech rights violated.
Jul 26, 2005TribuneThe future of self rule in Roseland
Jul 20, 2005TribuneReady to revolt in Roseland Some residents explore options to oust Snyders
Jul 17, 2005TribuneHome investments leave some questioning conduct Council member owns five properties in Roseland under husband's tutelage.
Jul 15, 2005TribuneMotel sues Roseland over sign Town denied owner a permit to repair the damage.
Jun 28, 2005TribuneRoseland meeting nearly gets physical
Jun 13, 2005TribuneRoseland officer stops council member for speeding Dorothy Snyder questions motives of the ticket-writer
Jun 10, 2005TribuneEminent domain plan goes forward Roseland council votes to resolve permit issues.
Jun  9, 2005TribuneWar of the Roselanders rages on Attorney for plumbing company asks for tickets to be dismissed.
May 27, 2005TribuneRoseland takes step on expansion Council member says town 'has destiny it needs to meet.'
May 16, 2005TribuneRoseland cracks down on zoning laws Residents warned about parking pad they installed two years ago
Mar 26, 2005TribuneTown clerk says she opened safe Officer allegedly said the money would be returned
Mar 25, 2005TribuneRoseland marshal arrested in theft Police accuse Swanson of stealing $10,000 from evidence safe in Town Hall.
Mar  6, 2005TribuneGroup threatens legal action over park Council votes to seek bids for proposed Roseland project.
Feb  4, 2005TribuneSnow removal issue irks official Council member says enforce fines on businesses that don't clear paths
Jan 27, 2005TribuneState police seize Roseland documents Probe into possible conflict of interest
Jan 15, 2005TribuneArguments disrupt Roseland council meeting Snyders recess meeting after shouting match.
Jan 12, 2005TribuneRoseland attorney cautions board Town receives $29,000 in grant money for planning.
Dec 11, 2004TribuneRoseland adds Tasers, discusses garage purchase Agitation between council members and residents continues.
Dec  1, 2004TribuneState can't force 933 relinquishment Area towns asked to submit wish list for improvements.
Nov 19, 2004TribuneState may turn over 933 Upkeep would be burden, say towns
Nov  5, 2004TribuneRoseland asks for changes in condo plans Construction could begin before winter if easement is granted.
Oct 18, 2004TribuneResidents laud, rap plan for Roseland
Oct 17, 2004TribuneRoseland official errs with garage letter Owner wonders if she was target of retaliation for opposing council
Sep 29, 2004TribuneRoseland settles on different hotel New developer agrees to council's list of conditions
Sep 21, 2004TribuneArchitecture students brainstorm on Roseland Public design forum continues through Thursday
Sep 17, 2004TribuneRoseland council faulted State public access counselor says town officials broke Open Door Law.
Sep 10, 2004TribuneRoseland council votes down hotel plan Property owners consider taking council to court
Aug 19, 2004TribuneRoseland council fails to act on hotel Supporters say town's economy needs project
Jul 29, 2004TribuneRoseland business owners 'livid' over loss of hotel
Jun 21, 2004TribunePolice, mayor's aide visit candidate after letter delivery thwarted
Dec 13, 2003TribuneRoseland clears debt with firm
Dec  2, 2003TribuneRoseland to seek public input on water-sewer suit Council pays part of legal bill
Aug  4, 2003TribuneRoseland officials clash over meeting
Nov 11, 2002TribuneRoseland renegade sues town for Open Door violation, then changes mind Snyder may have broken same law he says others violated
Oct 27, 2002TribuneCitizens' group functions as Roseland's shadow government
Sep 15, 2002TribuneRequest for abatement for hotel tabled
Aug  9, 2002TribuneTown considers new attorney for suit
Aug  8, 2002TribuneTidal wave of emotions threatens Roseland council meeting
Jul 13, 2002TribuneUtilities report draws fire Debate centers on committee's role in negotiations between Roseland and South Bend.
Jun 17, 2002TribuneRoseland preparing for sewer hookups
May 14, 2002TribuneRoseland OKs business licenses
Mar 25, 2002TribuneRoseland gets new defibrillator
Mar 12, 2002TribuneRoseland makes emergency plans Town hall would be open for residents
Feb 22, 2002TribuneFees raised at Roseland town hall
Jan 29, 2002TribuneGoss chosen Roseland town marshal
Jan 15, 2002TribuneRoseland council elects Valderas
Dec 30, 2001TribuneFormer K-9 officer will stay on with Roseland police
Aug 11, 2001TribuneArea Briefs
Aug 11, 2001TribuneRoseland eyes ticket scalpers

Data was pieced together from several different sources:

All stories relevant to the Roseland Town Council, Roseland police department, or Roseland Citizens Association -- positive or negative -- were included (though a few articles with insignificant mentions of these weren't included, such as articles that used the Roseland Town Council in a one-sentence comparison, but were actually focused on a different deliberative assembly)