document updated 14 years ago, on Dec 18, 2008
Title Investigation Of Ultra-High Switching Frequency To Reduce Size In Rapid Capacitor Charging
Author Ben Morris, B.S.E.E., B.S.
Document A Thesis In Electrical Engineering Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of Texas Tech University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Of Master Of Science in Electrical Engineering
Date May, 2004


This project concerned itself with two different chargers, both based on the same principle designs but having fundamentally different output and input requirements and goals. Both chargers were built using a full bridge setup that was MOSFET-based, utilizing frequencies of 187 kHz to 1 MHz. The modulated DC voltage is applied to a transformer, then a multiplier cascade is used to complete the final voltage increases. The 40kV charger had a requirement of 100-300VDC input with a 40kV, 40kW, 1kJ output requirement in 10ms or less. The 50kV charger required a higher output voltage with a considerably lower input voltage requirement of 40-50VDC, and was required to operate repetitively at 200Hz. Transformer, voltage multiplier, circuit board layouts, battery system designs and tests are all covered.

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