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date accomplished game genre rating notes scores
2013-02 Super Puzzle Platformer Plus [mirror] (must wget first)
2012-09 Super Hexagon
2011-11 93/131 Necronator 2 TD 4/5
2011-08 Kingdom Rush TD
2011-07 25% Crush the Castle TD TD
2011-07 75% Viking Defense TD 4/5
2011-04-20 75% Pokemon Tower Defense
2011-04-11 75% Bullet Heaven bullet hell shump 4/5 it lists Ikaruga as one of its inspirations
2011-04-09 100% Cursor*10 Take Two spoiler
2011-04-09 100% Cursor*10 spoiler
2011-04-01 GIRP
2010-07-24 20% Mamono puzzle 4/5 full-screen links — [easy] [normal] [hard] [extreme] [blind] [huge extreme] [huge blind]
2010-04-12 100% Fishy 3/5 Could be the quintessential risk/reward game... if it weren't for the fact that you can lower your risk threshold far enough, and just wait it out. ecosystem destroyed
2010-02-25 10% Alt Shift Lite 4/5
2010-02-20 100% Starmageddon 3/5 fun, but WAY too easy
2009-12-01 Flood It 4/5
2009-07-18 I win 90+% of the time Dice Wars board game 4/5 one of the "simplified version of risk" games won in 20 turns
2009-05-25 66% Pwong action 4/5 similar to real-world juggling in a way; also similar to Guitar Hero easy:778
2009-05-06 100% Morningstar adventure 4/5
2009-04-23 100% Gemcraft Zero RTS (tower defense) 5/5 A tower defense game with enough depth to last 80 hours, AND keep people addicted the whole way through?? Yes, that's exactly what it is. I'm serious.
On the other hand, it's a canonical example of "you don't need skill to get through the next level, just enough playtime".
2009-04-22 50% Gate educational 4/5
2009-04-20 90% Chronotron puzzle 5/5 similar to Braid et al, but awesome in its own right
2009-04-20 finished Fox Fyre 2D artillery game 3/5 has a fatal flaw
2009-04-19 finished Aether adventure 'puzzle' 2/5 pretty graphics, 'puzzles' are a bit silly
2009-04-19 finished civballs puzzle 3/5
2009-04-19 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool 4/5 good interface (albeit fairly focused on "cheating")
2009-04-18 90% prizma puzzle stupid puzzle 1/5 way too easy
2009-04-13 30% bloxorz puzzle 4/5 novel, intellectually interresting
2009-04-09 finished Redstar Fall physics puzzle 3/5