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Cicada Brood XIII in 2024

Brood XIII is a 17-year periodical cicada brood that appears in northern Illinois.

This brood contains three different species.

species distinguishing features [2] songs Google Images bugguide cicadamania
Magicicada cassini, AKA -cassini
  • entirely black abdomen
  • call is a buzz with ticks
  • choruses sound like a continuous buzz/static
songs google images // //bugguide //cicadamania
Magicicada septendecim, AKA -decim
  • the largest of the three
  • males and females have wide orange stripes on abdomen
  • call is a "wee-oh" or "phaaaaaaroh"
  • choruses sound like a continuous drone
songs google images // //bugguide //cicadamania
Magicicada septendecula, AKA -decula
  • much more rare
  • males have narrow orange stripes on abdomen
  • call is a series of "tss's", "zips", and "ticks"
  • choruses are unusual due to individual rarity, but can sound like loud ticks
songs google images // //bugguide //cicadamania

Time-lapse video of a cicada molting (4 minutes long)

Video of cicadas mating. (this entire 21 minute video is worth watching)

Photos with very nice detail (many from Wikipedia):