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document updated 16 days ago, on Jul 3, 2024

sausage gravy and biscuits



  1. pre-heat the oven (see back of biscuits for the temperature)
  2. cook sausage over medium heat until it's just-before-done
  3. turn heat down
  4. slowly add more flour, to total around ½ cup, plus or minus some, while stirring and scraping
  5. cook the flour for several minutes until the white specks turn brown, stirring frequently
  6. put the biscuits in the oven
  7. pour a lot of milk in, perhaps 4 cups, until the sausage floats sufficiently
  8. decrease temp and simmer until it's thick enough, something like 15 minutes
  9. the gravy will thicken as it cools (it's roux-like)