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a background on sensory problems generally

Some Wikipedia articles about sensory issues:

Those articles frame the issue from a neurobiological standpoint. However, a key point is that science understands these issues very little right now. I have had some doctors suggest that I consider that it could have a psychological origin (eg. trauma, PTSD, or many other things), so I am exploring both possibilities right now (neurobiological and psychological).

The best academic summary I've found is an 2012 policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

(emphasis mine)

So I'm moving forward slowly, aware that science doesn't understand it very well yet. But it's a persistent problem that causes distress many times a day, so it's something that I really have to address.

what specific issues do I have?

I have fairly strong problems with touch defensiveness and sound defensiveness. (certain touch or sound sensations will cause me to pull away from them, when most people could tolerate those sensations). I have mild sensitivity to light, but it's not as severe, and it doesn't cause nearly as much distress in normal daily life as the sound and touch do.