document updated 12 years ago, on Nov 30, 2010
Generally, I'm looking for a ruggedish backpack, with lots of loops/D-rings that I can use as attachment points for my utility-knot style (ie. I can tie everything to the outside of my backpack, so it doesn't matter how big it is, yay!)

Some camping/hiking-style backpacks might be better than normal backpacks. However, army-surplus ones look even better.

Army-surplus backpacks:

Local places I can shop for one:

REI's website has a good selection of camping/hiking backpacks

specific PALS/MOLLE backpacks

Swiss Gear

My local Target has them in stock. So they're worth considering. Overall, they look AWESOME, as they're 1) huge, and 2) have tons of compartments. However, a few downsides were noted: