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document updated 10 days ago, on May 13, 2024

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AmScope MD series

(list of cameras in the MD series)

"Another huge benefit is their ability to be used with popular video conferencing apps just like a webcam. This is because they use UVC protocol, making them plug-and-play compatible on most platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux."

Conclusion: So this whole series should work with Android!

AmScope MU series

These come packaged with a reduction lens, so this allows me to avoid having to figure out which is the right one to use with each.

Conclusion: Each of these weigh almost AS MUCH as the microscope itself! This would make it incredibly top-heavy. They're also large in volume.

AmScope with reduction lens, in a small package

AmScope packages with my microscope

I already own the AmScope H2510 microscope. But AmScope packages some cameras directly with this microscope. Those specific cameras are:

May 2024 conclusion: Although the MD series lack a reduction lens, and therefore they have a substantially reduced field of view relative to normal eyepieces, this results in a much lighter and more compact package. This makes it much more suitable to its use as a field microscope.