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They use nifty radio and servo gear

world record: 36 hours aloft, powered only by two LiMnO2 13 Ah cells

Estimated beginner glider cost

	 $50-75 for a 2-meter body kit
	$120 for a transmitter, receiver, and servos
	 $20 for wing covering
	(confirmed: this guy suggests it's $200 - $250 for a beginner plane)

		This says that wood planes take about a month of nights/weekends to construct.  
		And that foamies don't take nearly as long.  Foamie it is then!

	Cheap triangle/elevon bodies

	RC Glider simulators

Local clubs

	SOAR (Silent Order of Aeromodeling by Radio) Chicago
		Sod Farm in Plainfield,IL [map]