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document updated 12 years ago, on Aug 10, 2011
Being able to list all files within the current directory tree that have changed within the last n minutes is really handy. It can often help you locate files created by unfamiliar software (most especially log files and database files, but many other things too).

Being able to view this in a `tail -f` manner is also awfully handy.

Linux — inotify

The way to do this on Linux is via inotify. Use this:
inotifywait -e modify -e create -e move -e delete -m -r --format '%T %w%f %e' --timefmt '%T' $PWD

FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc

See kqueue.

Mac OS X

Various tools based on FSEvents?


Solaris 9

Maybe FAM will work? (install from OpenCSW)

Solaris 10+