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document updated 9 years ago, on Sep 7, 2014

Significant hiking / backpacking / mountaineering trips that I've done.

date area trail distance hiked elevation companions
1 Sep 2014 Kettle Moraine, WI Emma Carlin trail, Green 8 mi 850 - 1050 ft E
My first hike of any significant distance. The trail was designed for mountain bikers, and has many up and downs, so the actual elevation gain is many times this.
12 Sep 2014 Crown Mountain, Vancouver, Canada TBD TBD 2400 - 4900 ft ? E
Still packing for this one.
My first hike of any significant climb, and my first time scrambling.
sometime 12/17 to 1/11 Mount Angeles, Washington TBD TBD TBD E
In the early planning stages.
My first time doing snow travel. Avalanche risk.