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document updated 8 years ago, on Dec 29, 2015
There are some live-USBs / live-CDs that do virus removal. There is a real advantage to this — they run outside of the infected system, so even if the system is rootkitted, or unable to boot, the live-USB will still work.

My hope is to find ones that are extremely easy to use, even for your grandma, so that we can give them to customers of FreeGeek and they can do the spyware-removal themselves.

boot USB / CD size signatures updated
on release ISO
signatures can be updated
via internet?
ease of use
for your grandma
Avira AntiVir — "Rescue System" 80mb daily easily updated via GUI
Dr.Web — "LiveDisk" 140mb daily
Bit Defender — "Rescue CD" 320mb every few months automatically during boot
F-Secure — "Rescue CD" 120mb every few years? automatically during boot

Ease of use