document updated 14 years ago, on Jul 24, 2008
As of 2008, DVD-R storage space costs 1/3rd of what hard drive space costs. (and those cost orders of magnitude less than what flash drive space costs)

So, the question is, when do you use DVDs, and when do you use hard drives?

lean DVD: when the files are "finalized" and unlikely to ever change

lean DVD: when the data fits within 4.7GB

Keeping track of files across 10 DVDs is a PITA.

lean DVD: when it needs to be carried with you, and thus prone to damage

lean DVD: when you need to keep multiple copies of ~10gb in different places

Hard drives have the cost overhead of including the read/write mechanism with them, making drives less than $100 uneconomical.

lean hard drive: when it's much bigger than 4.7GB