document updated 10 months ago, on Apr 2, 2023

What is this website?

This website has one author: Dee Newcum. It's my personal notes on lots of topics.

It's part blog, part personal wiki. It's a "bliki" or a "WikiLog".

Who is the target audience?

What does the content focus on?

I'm a hyper-generalist, my knowledge is very wide but often shallow.

My career is in software engineering, and I feel a kinship to structural/civil/etc engineering. I do a lot of DIY/maker stuff in my free time, particularly using wood, plastic, and steel. I'm a queer trans woman and am interested in sociolinguistics, history, social justice, and class consciousness.

How is the site made?

The Markdown and HTML are hand-edited in Vim. Yes, I know the HTML is terribly non-compliant.

I prefer having my content stored in nested categories. I haven't found any CMS's that do that to my liking, so I just store files in plain directories. (If you know of a good one, feel free to message me. My existing category structure would have to be imported into the new CMS, of course.)

There is a very thin layer between the webserver and the filesystem, so it isn't entirely a static site.

Things I intend to improve: