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        engineering drawing basics
        engineering drawing exercises
                Chulalongkorn University
        engineering drawing section dimension projection
                franklin olin machine shop resources
                        MEC1000 "technical drawing handout"
        engineering drawing "title block" "revision block" zone
                "Engineering Symbology, Prints and Drawings, Module"  [1] [2] [3]
                        engineering lettering
        how to use a french curve       [exercise]
        isometric projection
                isometric graph paper        [amazon]
                "engineering drawing" isometric circle arc
                how to draw ellipses (pdf page 22)
                inkscape axonometric
                exercises:   [1]
        "geometric dimensioning and tolerancing"

Google Image search:
        engineering drawing simple
        engineering drawing sectioning
        engineering drawing dimensioning
        engineering drawing threads
        engineering drawing gear

        Google Books
        Amazon [1]  [2]
                Geometric and Engineering Drawing, 3rd ed, Kenneth Morling
                Engineering Drawing, lecture notes by Wuttet Taffesse, Laikemariam Kassa

Larger collections of information:   [2]

I know all this is anachronistic.  But I need to get off the computer
sometimes, and need something to zen out on, and drafting seems like a good