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document updated 1 year, 22 days ago, on Feb 11, 2023

how and when to use contact cement

tips and tricks

This article mentions four of the most common problems when using contact cement:

  1. not allowing the adhesive to dry fully before assembly
  2. waiting too long before assembly
  3. applying too thick a coating of adhesive
  4. not applying enough adhesive

Also, "When used on a porous or semi-porous material such as wood or plywood, a first 'priming' coat of contact adhesive may be needed to preseal the material. Otherwise, some areas may absorb too much adhesive to form a strong bond. This prime coat is followed by a second gluing coat. Following the label directions concerning drying times, application thickness, and using the proper tools."

TODO — what are the SOLUTIONS to those above "four common problems"? Unfortunately that document doesn't mention solutions much.