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document updated 14 days ago, on May 10, 2024

Fabric + epoxy

The intention is for hobbyists to build structures similar to those made with paper mache, but using more sturdy materials.

In practice, this is somewhat similar to fiberglass and carbon-fiber reinforced polymers. As such, some of the techniques used in hand-construction of fiberglass and carbon fiber parts will apply here.

Pros and cons




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You'll probably want to use a natural-fiber fabric, since bonding plastics is a famously complex topic. (not that it can't be done, but it's probably simpler to just use natural fibers)


In paper mache, often the paper-soaked-in-glue is laid on top of some shaped surface (like a balloon) that you want to reproduce. In fiberglass and carbon fiber, this same technique goes by the names "hand lay-up" and "open mold processes".