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document updated 1 year, 5 months ago, on Feb 13, 2023

paper mache

I'm interested in more functional paper mache, maybe more rugged, or maybe more quick-drying. Quick-drying would allow me to prototype things quickly.

I strongly believe that fabricating crafting artwork is a continuum, and that it's impossible to draw neat-and-clean dividing lines. I am happy to borrow ideas from across the aisle.


people who are using paper mache in ways that I'm interested in (who have built a knowledge base that I might be able to leverage)

optimizing for strength

optimizing for fast-drying

armature material

Jonni says that paper mache armatures can be temporary: "Once several layers of paper and paste have dried you can easily saw it in two, remove the interior form, and then put it back together with more paper strips."