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document updated a month ago, on May 31, 2024

sandbags as "clamps"

Sandbags can be used as clamps. [2] In fact, when gluing a large panel, your only two options are likely weights and cauls. Sandbags can also be used as ad-hoc supports for oddly-shaped parts.

There are three main types of sandbags available — intended for flood control, intended for photography/videography, and intended for making canopies more secure. I like the canopy style the most, as long as they have only one compartment, because that allows the sand to be moved around somewhat, making the sandbag more flexible.

Some tips and tricks:

Another possible solution is water-weight bags.

Places that sell good-quality bags:

Density estimates:

density lists: [1], [1b], [2]

TODO — Explore these possible sources of cheap metal powders — rock tumbler media, blast abrasive media,