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sources to get wood from

hardwood stores in the Chicago-land area

Sells mainly lumber:

Sells both tools and lumber:

A used furniture + lumber resale place (furniture could be used to harvest lumber from):


(start here)

Menards generally has cheap lumber, but they do have a few grades above construction lumber, even in pine:

(each link below is for the 8' version of a board)

size Standard grade Quality grade Select grade
pine 2x2 Furring Strip n/a Select
pine 2x4 Construction/Framing n/a n/a
pine 1x2 n/a Quality Select
pine 1x3 Furring Quality Select
pine 1x4 Standard Quality Select
pine 1x6 Standard Quality Select
pine 1x8 Standard Quality Select

And then different species of hardwood, to compare prices. These should be 1 x 4s, 4 ft long, unless stated otherwise: (all in one page)

Strength is indicated by — ▖ ▚ ▟ ▉