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document updated 5 months ago, on Jan 13, 2024

a workbench made out of Stanley minimalist sawhorses

The goal here is to build a work surface out of the Stanley minimalist sawhorses, two aluminum cross-beams, and some sheet panel for the top. This is a setup just like the Bora Speedhorses.

the two sawhorses

Note: In Home Depot's inventory there two different models, one that's 12 lbs and one that's 5.7 lbs, so apparently there's a one-pack and a two-pack.

The sawhorses have these dimensions:

the two cross-beams

Some aluminum U-channel or square tube would make sense here. We'd just nee a solid way for the bars to avoid sliding off of the sawhorse.

the top surface

Probably some OSB or plywood or something. I'm interested in researching the viability of ACP (aluminum composite panel) for this though, since that might reduce both weight and storage-volume.