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The types of riding I do has changed a lot over time, but currently it's:
% of
riding type notes
30-90% urban commuting I live in Chicago, where it's definitely cheaper and healthier to use bike transportation (compared to car or bus), and it's often faster too.
5% cargo being able to haul groceries is useful — sometimes I'm biking somewhere else, and my route passes a grocery store
10-50% touring / challenge when I have a partner or group that I go with regularly, I do it a lot more. I don't do a lot of centuries, but some summers I regularly do 50 miles in a day.
20-30% flatland / trials / street/park BMX I used to do auto-racing (both totally legal racing, as well as stupid stuff on the street). I realized (correction: cops helped me realize) it was hard for me to be safe doing that, so I switched to bike racing. While that was better (even if you REALLY crash, you only fuck yourself up, so cops don't care how stupid you are on a bike), but I was still needlessly endangering myself. My goal is to demonstrate physical agility, NOT to kill/maim myself. Fortunately, that's precisely what flatland was created for.

I won't say I'm any good at flatland/BMX. But I'm dedicating more and more time to it, to avoid spending my time doing stupid things at higher speeds.

I'm seriously crazy enough to think I can do all of the above on a single mutant/mulatto bike.

Types of cycling I'd like to explore, in case I'm interested: (most interested at top)