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document updated 28 days ago, on May 24, 2024

how to make a sharp crease in a sheet of polycaprolactone plastic

1. Start with a sheet of PCL plastic.
2. Using a straightedge and utility knife, score a line where the crease will be. Score depth depends in several factors, and should be just deep enough that step 3 is achievable.
3. Use a heat gun to soften the underside. Bend the sheet slightly so that a minimal amount of hot air can get into the crack. If it refuses to bend at all, score a little deeper.
4. Once the sheet begins to bend, you should be able to get a lot more heat into the crack, which makes the rest of the bending easy.
5. Bend until the desired angle is reached.
6. Now it's just a matter of shaping the corner as desired. The easiest thing to do is just smooth down the bumps, but a sharp corner is possible if extra material is added.